Christmas In Wimbledon

Wimbledon Homes December 2022 Blog

With the Christmas tree and beautiful bauble garland now up at the Wimbledon Homes offices, we’re definitely feeling the festive spirit! 

When it comes to styling your table for Christmas day, we wanted to share some advice for creating the ultimate seasonal look. 

Read on for our top three tips…

 Pick a colour scheme

Choosing a few colours to use for your Christmas tablescape will tie all the details together, creating an amazing look – from napkins, to place settings through to the crackers!

For example, for the Wimbledon Homes office Christmas look, we’ve used our brand purple as a starting point, adding in silvers and whites alongside foliage for a simple, yet special look.

Local department store, Elys Wimbledon, has a whole “prep the home” section, with everything you could need for the big day. 

Style Sustainably

 The festive season produces a lot of unbiodegradable waste, from glitter to plastic toys, so ensuring that our Christmas decorations are eco-friendly can go a long way to reduce our impact on the planet. 

Using plant-based, natural materials wherever possible is a good basis for your styling scheme and will look great in your home as well. Try wooden, reusable decorations or how about a dried orange garland to adorn the mantelpiece in your dining room. Spruce up your dining table by adding a wonderful centrepiece made from recycled tin can and some freshly cut branches from the garden.

And for information on recycling your Christmas tree, head to: Christmas trees | Recycle Now

Go Foraging and Get Creative!

A sense of nostalgia, and an increasing need to be savvy, is heavily influencing Christmas trends this year.

A trip into the great outdoors for the whole family is the perfect opportunity to collect small cuttings from a holly bush or twigs and pinecones which will introduce a rustic feel to your Christmas scheme. Head out onto Wimbledon Common to collect some decorations to give your gift wrapping some extra character, or to use as a table centrepiece.

Taking more time to be creative to handmake decorations can creative beautiful pieces that can be passed down through the generations. Checking out charity shops can be a great way to pick up unique pieces to add some vintage glamour to your Christmas styling.

Looking for a new home in Wimbledon that you can be settled in by next Christmas? Visit the Wimbledon Homes website: Home – Wimbledon Homes

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