F1 Schools Event

Wimbledon Homes helped in supporting King’s College School at the F1 Schools Event last week – this is what the Team had to say in thanking us for support

Dear Wimbledon Homes,

Last Thursday we raced at the F1 in schools’ event, and we wanted to give you a rundown of the day and how things went for us.

On race day, and we arrived at RAF Benson prepared for the day ahead. Firstly, we set up our pit display, which is a small stand that presents our work, cars and the team identity. After this, we prepared for our verbal presentation in the 45-minute time slot allocated. We feel that the presentation went well as we felt that we explained our team well.

Following this, we had a short tour of a Chinook helicopter, right outside the hangar, which was incredible. Subsequently, we had our enterprise portfolio and our brand identity judged which we believe went well as we had put together a strong pit display and the judges especially liked our recycled paper business cards. We felt quite confident going into our design and engineering judging, however there were a few mistakes in the portfolio which were picked up on by the judges.

Our next activity was reaction testing, in which we were able to test the reaction speed of all our team’s members, and we decided that Tom had the most consistent and fastest reaction times, so he was to control the car in the race. Following this we had our race, and we won all 4 races against the opposition (Quantum racing) even though our reaction time was slightly slower than the other team’s.

On the 4th and final race, we had a very good run with a reaction time of 0.18 seconds and the total time was 1.55 seconds. This put us in 2nd place for our category, which we were very pleased with as it was our first time doing F1 in schools. After the judges took some time to calculate the scores the results were revealed. Overall, we came 4th just missing out on a podium spot but the day was a great learning experience for us and we really enjoyed the whole thing.

Thank you for all the support that you have provided for us over this journey.

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