Getting Ahead: top tips to get ‘For Sale’ ready for Autumn

Wimbledon Homes August 2023 Blog

With the summer coming to a close and the new school term approaching, September is the perfect time of the year for property owners to begin preparing their houses to for sale in autumn.

The prospect of selling your house may seem daunting at first, but Wimbledon Homes are here to put an end to your house-selling jitters by sharing 5 of our top tips for marketing your home this autumn.

1. First impressions count

Remember that saying? First impressions of your home are critical for buyers in their decision-making process.

Mark comments, “Make sure that your house is as presentable as it can be. The mistake that sellers often make is forgetting that first impressions are made within seconds of looking at the house’s exterior- so sweep up those autumn leaves and tidy your front path for best results.”

2. Start DIY jobs sooner rather than later.

Stop putting off touching up that wall or fixing that blind! These simple DIY jobs are often left for another day and soon amount to a sizeable to-do list.

Mark says, “By leaving these small and quite insignificant tasks until the last minute, sellers run the risk of them worsening as time goes by. Starting those tasks now will mean that you are well equipped to market your house before the winter.” 

3. Don’t neglect your garden!

While it is understandable that sellers often choose to prioritise the interior of their homes in a bid to impress potential buyers, it is important not to overlook garden maintenance. With gardens and private outdoor space weighing significantly high on buyers’ checklists, a tidy external space may provide the extra push needed to convince someone that your home is for them – so, mow the lawn, trim the hedges and add some outdoor lighting and furniture to really impress!

4. Create a warm impression for potential buyers.

As we transition towards the colder months, creating a sense of warmth for a house viewing will go a long way.

Mark comments, “Ensuring that a house is warm and inviting is crucial for creating a welcoming environment for prospective buyers viewing your home, and this can be achieved in a range of different ways. Simply adding extra furnishings to your home, such as a rug, decorative pillows or some potted plants, can have a big impact on buyers’ decisions. Providing this warm ambience, especially during the colder months, is a clever way to allow potential buyers to envisage themselves living there.”

These inexpensive additions are an effective tool to stand out during the autumn property market and sway a buyers’ decision in your favour.

5. Declutter your home.

It’s that time to pack away those summer games and clothes in preparation for the turn of the season. Try to store as much away as you can in cupboards and areas that are more out of sight. This applies especially to any clutter in the main walkways of your house to avoid distraction at buyer viewings.

Mark advises, “Reducing the amount of visible clutter is a major factor when preparing your house for market. It will interfere with the buyers’ focus and attention to the physical space in your house and could impact their interest in the property. Aim to adopt a minimalist approach to increase focus on your home, rather than your belongings.”

Get ahead and start packing up your unnecessary items to be ready for the autumn market.

We hope that these top tips have been useful for anyone looking to get their house ‘For Sale’ ready this autumn.

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