The Alexandra Pub Christmas Day Lunch

Drop off your gift at Wimbledon Homes for the annual Alexandra Pub Christmas Day Lunch!

Don’t be Alone at Christmas!


If you would still like to donate it’s not too late! Gifts can be dropped any time before Christmas Eve at the Wimbledon Homes office as we are the collection point in the village.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the lunch, each year The Alex throws open its doors to anyone who will be on their own on Christmas Day and invites them in for a totally free three course lunch. Last year 200 people attended, all of whom would have otherwise spent Christmas Day on their own. The Alex’s motto is that no one should be alone at Christmas and they promise everyone who comes along a warm welcome, a slap up lunch and to be made to feel special and cared about.


Businesses and individuals donate food and drinks and many volunteers help serve on the day. Most people who attend the lunch live on their own, don’t have family or close friends and have told us in the past just how grateful they are for the company and kindness that The Alex offers.


Since 2018 we have been putting together a collection of 200 gifts which we take down to the pub on Christmas Eve. For the vast majority of the guests this is the only Christmas present they receive.


Gifts for around £10 each are ideal (but please no more than £20 and no less than £5). If you have time to wrap them that’s great but don’t worry if you don’t, we can do that for you.


Please could you label wrapped gifts – whether it’s for a man, a lady or either. It helps the volunteers on Christmas Day to select the right present for each guest. (and a post-it saying what the gift is would be super helpful.)


No one should be alone on Christmas Day and everyone deserves to feel special and cared about. We are really delighted to be able to support the Alexandra’s amazing initiative once again and hope that you will be able to help make a lot of people’s Christmases that little bit more special.

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